Boost the Benefits

Two girls sitting pool side with flippers

Improved Kick Technique and Body Position – Soft rubber allows for a natural kick while enhancing length of the swim to promote confidence. The shorter length allows for the feeling of longer length of leg to develop proper body position. It's like having a helper that makes you feel confident and swim like a pro!

Increased Strength – Learning to swim with The Boost Flipper helps build muscle while improving your up-kick, ankle flexibility, overall body positioning, and conditioning all while you're having fun swimming!

Increased Confidence – The softer fin allows a child to experience the feeling of length and endurance without falsifying technique when fins are removed.  The Boost Flipper is the closest fin to replicate a natural kick of a child’s foot. So, it's like having a little extra boost to help you swim like a champ!

Fun - Think of The Boost Flipper as your swimming buddy! It's not just any fin; it's made just for kids learning how to swim. When you wear these fins, swimming becomes super fun and easy. They're designed to help you kick like you naturally would, making every splash more enjoyable. So, whether you're practicing in the pool or just having a fun day swimming, these fins will keep a big smile on your face!