Experience the Design

Child wearing flippers seated by the pool

Easy on and off design: The fins are crafted for effortless wearability, empowering children to put them on and take them off independently, fostering their sense of autonomy and minimizing frustration.

Short fins for realistic feeling and better technique: By opting for shorter fins, children experience a more authentic sensation in the water, aiding in the development of proper leg technique while ensuring a speed conducive to their learning process.

Optimal stiffness for propulsion and skill development: The fins strike a balance between stiffness and flexibility, facilitating propulsion without instilling a false sense of proficiency. This design encourages children to refine their swimming skills and technique gradually.

Comfort and safety: Constructed from Natural TPE, the fins prioritize comfort and safety, offering a gentle touch against children's skin while preventing issues like rubbing and blistering, ensuring an enjoyable swimming experience.

Adjustability: The fins feature adjustable straps, enabling a tailored fit to accommodate children 3-8 years old. Additionally, the inclusion of replaceable straps extends the longevity of the fins, eliminating the need for frequent replacements as children grow.