About Us

Child swimming with flippers in the correct body position

Harriet Plummer Aquatics boasts over 50 years of experience teaching children to swim, drawing on expertise in child development to meet every child's needs in the water. The owners, Kristian Lupinski and Nate Burns, along with their mother Harriett Plummer, designed The Boost Flipper to address the challenge of improving body positioning and confidence in young swimmers. Dissatisfied with existing fins on the market, which prioritize speed and diving depth, they crafted The Boost Flipper to focus on correct positioning in the learn-to-swim process. Made from soft rubber, the fin ensures comfort for children aged 3-8 and mimics the natural kick of a child. With a commitment to helping children excel in this lifelong skill, The Boost Flipper is designed to grow with your child, supporting their progression through learning all four strokes.